SkyRover... redefines endurance and interdiction

" . . . long flight endurance, stable platform and environment-friendly. "


SkyRover1Long flight duration is the key attribute we seek to provide with the SkyRover class.  We have conceived the airship in two (2) sizes, SR20 and SR25.  There is only a 5 metre size difference, but the SR25 has 3 times the mass of the SR20, thereby placing it in a higher certification class and targeting applications that require a larger payload or long range using the thrusters.

  • SAR and ISR.  When developed, the SkyRover will be able to fulfil duties as a patrol aircraft with interdiction capability, such as search and rescue (SAR), data capture (ISR) and telecommunications platforms.
  • Oil and Gas.  Due to its long range and large payload capability, the SR25 is particularly attractive for applications requiring the transport of equipment over land or sea areas that are beyond the range of helicopters.
  • Advertising.  Airships of this size are traditionally used to display advertising.  The shape of the SkyRover provides more visible area from the ground in comparison to current cigar-shaped advertising airships, and the SkyRover billboard will also cost less to set up and operate.

With regard to some applications currently performed by light/mid-sized helicopters, we concede that the SkyRover does not fly as fast as a helicopter, but air-speed is not always a priority.  In most helicopter applications, the primary benefit is to 'hover and hold' a geo-stationary position, which is exactly what the SkyRover is designed to do.

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Indicative specifications

  • SL class = SkyRover. SR20/SR25
  • Aerostat diameter = 20/25 metre (60/75 ft)
  • Certification categories = TBD
  • Payload = upto 300 kg / 800kg (600 lbs / 1,700 lbs)
  • Cruise range (SR25) = upto 2,000 km (1,200 miles)
  • Cruise speed = upto 40 knots (74 kmph, 46 mph, )
  • Cruise altitude = under 3,000 m (10,000 ft)
  • Crew = 1 or more people
  • Power = Diesel/Electric/Solar
  • Other attributes = Low noise, low vibration, low maintenance

More information is available for potential operators.

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SkyRover stability illustration